Several Designs Made From Waterjet Mosaic for Home Renovation

Several Designs Made From Waterjet Mosaic for Home Renovation

Intricate designs and curved patterns best define the designs of a waterjet mosaic. Waterjet mosaic manufacturers follow a unique manufacturing process. Ordinary machines are not used for this. Computerized machines with multiple heads use a high-pressure stream mixed with water.

Let’s explore the distinct designs!

An Exquisite Accent:

Covering your walls from floor to ceiling with mosaics to replicate the look of wallpaper. Unlike wallpaper, tile provides a durable option for wet areas and less chance of damaging early, while there is a high chance of wallpaper to get damage early.

Designs with extra Curves:

Extra curves will make the design more intricate and unique. Homeowners who cannot find the level of detail they want in mass-produced tiles can use a waterjet mosaic to create unique designs.

China glass mosaic tile manufacturers are also professionals in making exclusive designs with extra curves.

Multiple Layered Design:

With patterns cut with a water jet, a layering effect can be achieved, giving the tiles a sculpted appearance. This gives your walls and ceilings an extra dimension, and it’s even wonderful to touch them in relief.

Detailed Floors:

Waterjet mosaics are the perfect option for flooring. The details in the designs gives a beautiful and clean look.

Glass Mosaic

Wallpaper Effect:

Covering half of the wall using wood paneling and the rest with a unique mosaic design will give an extraordinary look.

Floral patterns:

The curved lines and the details of the florals display a smooth design. Getting these designs without water mosaic technology would be a hard task.

Effects of Shadows:

Patterns as rope are dynamic because of the different colored stone mosaic shadow effects. Each rope is elegantly outlined in a darker color.

Metallic Tiles:

Including a metallic accent in your tiles is done by waterjet mosaic technology. The tiles will give a shine of natural stone when polished, which cannot be given by other materials.

Sculptured Tiles:

Waterjet mosaic also creates a dimensional effect that produces 3D tiles. This design is best and is used mostly because of its natural 3D effect and pleasant look.

Shield Design:

A waterjet marble mosaic tile in a shield pattern will shape up space finely. The pattern of the shield is so practical and enticing. This is a simple and decent pattern that can be applied.


It is satisfying to have an advanced technology that makes the perfect use of raw materials. There is a variety of designs that can be made from waterjet mosaics. Designs can be customized for owners to design and decorate.

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