6 Useful Applications of Waterjet Tools

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6 Useful Applications of Waterjet Tools

The waterjet is a massive proof of modern cutting technology. This powerful tool uses high-powered thin water streams to cut everything one can imagine, from steel to paper. However, in this article, we are looking at some of the popular projects that may involve a waterjet offered by waterjet mosaic manufacturers.


Glass is among the astounding applications of waterjet cutting. For your confirmation, you can cut with water. Also, you can use waterjets for cutting intricate designs or for piercing holes in glass. The cutting process is safe as well as cost-effective. Drilling glass using waterjets leaves zero waste material that you can’t say about other more conventional methods.

Waterjets are powerful enough to cut ballistic glass as well, while they can still maintain the glass’s structural integrity.


Waterjet cutting has become a massive hit in the paper industry. Waterjets do not create airborne dust that improves the working conditions along with the safety of the work environment. You get a higher quality product as well.

Since waterjets don’t have edges that eventually get dull, requiring maintenance and work stoppage, they are superior to other cutting methods.


A corrosive waterjet can cut metal as thick as 8 inches. However, there is a catch. Not only it can cut metal, but it also does so along with zero heat-affected zones (HAZ), which means the subject materials can be stacked to enhance productivity.


Cutting food alongside water may sound odd; however, it happens to be one of the earlier applications of waterjets. Usually, waterjet mosaic manufacturers offer FDA-approved waterjets for food cutting. It means many of your favorite poultry, fish, meats, pastries, produce, frozen foods, and sweets are applied to cut with waterjets.

There is no transfer of bacteria from food to food or from the tool to the food. It’s efficient as well since there is no downtime for sharpening traditional tools.

Stone and Tile

Waterjets can pierce or cut stone and tile. As these sorts of materials are susceptible to being brittle or chipping, it is great to know that a waterjet can be applied successfully. They can be used to etch out detailed and intricate patterns in tile and stone as well.

Electric Wires

The ability to strip wires is one of the more amazing applications for waterjets. If no abrasives are used, the stream is powerful enough to remove insulation from wires without causing damage to the wires. The advantage of using waterjets for wire stripping is similar to that of other applications: it is much faster and more efficient than stripping wires by hand. Waterjets appear to have almost limitless applications due to their economic and efficiency advantages over other equipment. Waterjets are some of the most versatile tools on the market, capable of prepping food, cleaning materials, and cutting through inches of stainless steel.

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