6 Tips To Consider While Choosing Shower Tiles

While Choosing Shower Tiles

6 Tips To Consider While Choosing Shower Tiles

When it comes to selecting shower tiles, there are a variety of options to consider. You can find a range of mosaic tiles from a glass mosaic tiles manufacturer. Choosing the shower’s design will be one of the most important decisions. Here are some of the things you must look into before finalizing.


The tiles you need to use on curves may be influenced by the design of your shower. In the curved regions, it is recommended that you use smaller tiles. If you have the tiles before you design the bench, it will be much easier to work out the natural arcs and curves.

You should think about going with a universal design. If you intend to live in your home until you are old, you should arrange the shower so that it is convenient to use whenever you need it. To accomplish this, use a one-way slope and a large format. If you only use one tile in the space, you can make the room appear larger.

The Feel Of The Tiles:

Consider how the tiles will feel under your feet when you stand on them. The comfort of smaller tiles will be less than that of a slab. For the shower bench, try to use a slab.

To get the best tiles, you can also contact a reliable waterjet mosaic supplier. Customize the size of the tiles according to your requirements.

Mosaic glue:

Weigh your options before selecting a mosaic tile. It is advised that you select a tile with at least 95% contact between the mosaic tile and the backer board. It is not a good idea to rely on the glue on the back of the tile sheet. You must make contact.

Tile Dimensions:

When dealing with tinted glass, it is better to work with small pieces than huge ones. Glass is difficult to work with, and these sorts of tiles frequently reveal moisture trapped under the tile. After only a few uses, this will ruin the appearance of your shower.

Showers with slanted ceilings should use smaller tiles. In most commercial steam showers, a slanted ceiling is required. When you utilize smaller tiles, you will get an attractive slope. Make use of smaller tiles to improve grip.


When creating a feature wall, you will want to choose a different tile. Using a second tile in the feature wall is becoming increasingly prevalent. When using Ledge-stone tiles, be in mind that water can stain them. It is a fantastic aesthetic, but if the water stains the wall, it will be a disaster.


If you don’t enjoy cleaning, go for larger slabs rather than smaller ones, which are more difficult to keep clean. Mosaic tiles are hard to keep clean.

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