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Zhuhai New Modern is a leading manufacturer of multiple types of mosaic and other tiles. We are a Chinese mosaic tile supplier and we have the expertise to export our glass mosaic outside China.

We remain compliant with quality standards. Under our quality control department, we have gained acceptance, not in China but overseas as well. Through our website, we have gained a significant response from customers around the world too.

Zhuhai New Modern can manufacture tiles and mosaics that match your project needs. We can help you in delivering a professional touch to your project. Imagine being able to deliver to your customer the tiles that satisfy their consumers.

Also, our tiles are manufactured for small to large-scale businesses. This means our manufacturing facility is strong enough to make heavy-duty glass tiles. You can contact us and stack your warehouse with our tiles as much as you can without fear of any failure.

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We understand your business needs and guarantee you to deliver the product that can look well on any desired surface. Our quality tiles and customer support lure our clients. Contact us to know more!

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Zhuhai New Modern Innovation Building Materials Co., Ltd. Focus exceed expectations supply for Glass Mosaic, Marble Mosaic, Recycled Glass Mosaic, Glass tiles, Water jet Mosaic and Inkjet mosaic from China for more than 15 years! What strengths we have for design and quality control and management service for buyer ? 1. We know very well for materials and technology: Glass mosaic,

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After creating the Pebble Tile genre, Island Stone quickly expanded its offerings to include some of the most beautiful glass tiles and unique wall claddings in the world.

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